Lady Gaga’s Father Refusing to Pay the MTA Rent on His Grand Central Terminal Restaurant

In a lease- and rental-centric area like New York City, the importance of the landlord-tenant relationship can’t be overstated. The relationship establishes the rights, obligations, and details for parties involved in renting or leasing property; it should theoretically help avoid tenant lawsuits, eviction actions, and other legal suits. However, conflicts and questions arise when tenants […]

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Buying and Selling a Business

Buying and Selling a Business in New York

Buying or selling a business in New York can be very profitable for everyone involved – if you take the steps to maximize sale benefits and reduce risk of loss or liability. There are many steps to take that evaluate and address all parts of the transaction and omitting or mishandling any one of them […]

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What Is a Trade Secret and How Is It Created?

Anyone going into business needs to have a product or service others want in order to be successful. For some people starting a New York business, they have certain critical proprietary information that isn’t quite eligible for protection by patents, trademarks, or copyrights, but is still necessary to their success and would be extremely harmful […]

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What Would a Change to New York’s 50-a Law Mean?

Now that New York’s Senate is under the control of Democrats, the state’s controversial 50-a law is being looked at with an eye towards revision or repeal. This could mean sweeping changes surrounding misconduct involving the police and other corrections personnel. What is 50-a? In the New York Civil Rights Law, section 50-a declares that […]

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Business Contracts

Questions to Ask When Negotiating Business Contracts in New York

Contracts are the cornerstone of doing business in New York. Entering one means you and the other party agree to fulfill certain obligations to each other. Though some contracts may be created informally through a handshake or orally, they are ideally well-negotiated written documents that clearly define each party’s responsibilities. Whether you’re negotiating, reviewing, or […]

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What Should I Know About New York’s Whistleblower Laws?

Everyone wants to believe their employer will respect their decision to do the right thing, and hopefully believes they want to encourage compliance with federal, state, and local laws. It’s also generally agreed society is best served when safety, environmental, financial, and legal requirements are followed. Unfortunately, however, it’s common to find employers willing to […]

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NYC Co-Op Real Estate Blog

What Are Common Questions When Buying a New York City Co-Op?

In New York City, nearly every apartment is a co-op which are subject to many more rules than traditional apartment buildings. Due to these additional rules, it’s no wonder buyers in the market for a co-op have more questions than the average purchaser. Though everyone is different, some questions consistently arise when purchasing a co-op […]

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Property Encroachment

What if Someone Is Encroaching on My Property in New York?

New York City is a metropolis constantly under construction. New buildings are erected, and structures are renovated and remodeled every day. The flurry of activity means the city is also hotbed of disputes between landowners. A common source of disputes between real estate owners comes up when a new structure encroaches onto adjoining property owned […]

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