Understanding NY’s New Paid Sick Leave Law

The New York State Sick Leave Law (NYSSL) was signed on April 3, 2020 and went into effect on September 30, 2020. Employees can immediately start accruing leave and can then start using the accrued leave beginning January 1, 2021. The new law is in addition to the New York State provisions that are already […]

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How Does Covid-19 Affect IP Contracts?

The Covid-19 crisis has had a devastating impact on every pretty much industry. With businesses struggling to operate under the shadow of shelter-in-place orders, many parties are in the difficult position of not being able to meet their contractual obligations. The business entities that are experiencing this struggle are seeking solutions in their contracts and […]

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Understanding Partition Actions in New York

When people own property as tenants in common, they own it with other co-tenants and any one of them can force a partition (division) and sale of the property. For centuries, partition actions have had unfortunate consequences for many individuals trying to retain property. More recently, real estate investors used this tactic to their advantage […]

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What Medical Questions can an Employer ask During Covid-19?

With Covid-19 still being very active in New York and businesses struggling to normalize operations, it’s expected that employers would want to do everything they can to protect their employees from contracting the virus, and to help prevent the spread of it. This would include the inclination to recognize high risk employees. However, employers must […]

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Will the NYPD End Traffic Stops?

New York State Attorney General Letitia James has repeatedly recommended that the New York Police Department stop making routine traffic stops. James, a special prosecutor who investigates certain police shootings, came to this recommendation after her work on the Allan Feliz case.   In October 2019, New Yorker Allan Feliz was killed in a fatal […]

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What is New York’s Scaffold Law?

If you’re naming some of the most dangerous areas of work, then construction work is usually near the top of the list. Even when acting with extreme caution and using appropriate safety measures, there’s always potential for an accident that can cause injuries or even fatalities. Fortunately, there are laws in place that help to […]

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Settlement vs. Trial for Your Dispute

To settle or not to settle? That is the question. But it doesn’t always have an easy answer. Although the majority of personal injury cases settle, it doesn’t mean that it’s necessarily the way to go. Under some circumstances, it might be preferable to go to court. Read on for a discussion about settlement versus […]

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How to Execute a Tax-Free New York Real Estate Exchange

Generally, if you plan to make a real estate sale, you must deal with paying taxes. When the transaction involves investment property, you can be taxed on any profits (capital gains) that you’ve made on the sale. However, if you reinvest the money in a similar property within a certain time period, you can delay […]

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New York Court System

Why Racial Bias in the New York State Court System Matters to You  The results of a review of racial bias in the New York State court system were published this month.  On June 9, 2020, Chief Judge Janet DiFiore of the Court of Appeals and of the State of New York appointed Jeh Johnson […]

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