Making the Best of a Bad Situation with Chapter 11 Bankruptcy in New York

With all the economic uncertainties, business disruptions, and massive layoffs happening right now, it’s common for businesses, corporations, and individuals to seek a solution for existing debt and a sudden lack of income. The full scope of COVID-19’s impact is not yet clear, but extensive quarantines, social distancing practices, and business closures have already hugely […]

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Force Majeure Defenses to a Contract in New York

When negotiating a business contract, smart companies try to include all possible defenses in the contractual language to excuse nonperformance through force majeure clauses. In situations such as the unexpected outbreak of the coronavirus (COVID-19), companies find themselves unable to do business as usual, produce as promised, or deliver on agreed upon deadlines. New York’s […]

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MOWK Blog - Trial Rights

Speedy Trial Rights for Defendants When New York Criminal Courts Close

In consideration of the coronavirus pandemic sweeping the globe, government agencies all over the United States have taken drastic measures to avoid gatherings and encourage social distancing to prevent the further spread of the virus. In response to the evolving crisis, New York has dictated all non-essential state court functions be postponed until further notice, […]

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Lady Gaga’s Father Refusing to Pay the MTA Rent on His Grand Central Terminal Restaurant

In a lease- and rental-centric area like New York City, the importance of the landlord-tenant relationship can’t be overstated. The relationship establishes the rights, obligations, and details for parties involved in renting or leasing property; it should theoretically help avoid tenant lawsuits, eviction actions, and other legal suits. However, conflicts and questions arise when tenants […]

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Buying and Selling a Business

Buying and Selling a Business in New York

Buying or selling a business in New York can be very profitable for everyone involved – if you take the steps to maximize sale benefits and reduce risk of loss or liability. There are many steps to take that evaluate and address all parts of the transaction and omitting or mishandling any one of them […]

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