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When Does Imitation Go Too Far?

New York City is known for many things – the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, and Chinatown’s infamous designer knockoffs on Canal Street. Imitation is often considered the sincerest form of flattery, but when does it cross the line into copyright infringement and incur liability? Copyright infringement is a serious violation of a […]

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What Obligations Does a New York Landlord Have to Their Tenants?

Landlords can make a substantial amount of money by renting or leasing to tenants, but that opportunity comes with a large amount of responsibility. Federal and state laws grant rights to tenants and imposes duties on landlords in order to structure an equitable relationship between the parties and provide clear procedures for handling financial matters […]

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The Relationship Between Chapter 7
Bankruptcy and Divorce

Financial difficulties in the United States are all too common a problem and can play a role in marital problems and even divorce. Both New York bankruptcy and divorce laws are can be quite complex; combining the two can create a procedural and legal quagmire with far reaching ramifications and implications for all parties involved. […]

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Employee Rights

Liability for Misclassification of Employees in New York City

Recourse for Employee Misclassification in New York City As more employers focus on engaging independent contractors as opposed to additional employees in order to handle their workload, they must avoid the all too common pitfall of misclassifying the human capital they utilize. In many situations it can be economically advantageous to use independent contractors instead […]

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Does Loud, Caustic, Hard Hitting Speech Equal Defamation in New York?

Last week, a Manhattan Supreme Court judge dismissed a defamation lawsuit brought by a Black Lives Matter activist against Fox News host Jeanine Pirro. DeRay McKesson claimed the controversial host had defamed him when she accused him of “directing” violence against an injured Louisiana law enforcement officer in December 2017 while on-air. He accused her […]

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What is an Offering Plan?

When dealing with New York real estate, prospective buyers of condominiums and co-ops should receive and review offering plans provided to them at least three business days before signing a contract with either the developer or the co-op sponsor. This document is critical to review prior to purchasing real estate as it should disclose vital […]

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