4 Reasons NY Car Accident Victims Don’t Recognize How Serious Their Losses Are

When you’ve been hurt in a car accident that was caused by someone else, you might not fully understand how severe your injuries truly are. But it’s important for your personal injury case to consider many factors before you accept an injury settlement offer. Read on to learn about four reasons why a car accident victim may not see how serious their losses are.

It’s not unusual for an individual who was injured due to someone else’s negligence, to underestimate how significant their injuries may be when the car accident first occurs. The reasons include the following:

1. Car accidents can leave victims in a state of shock:

You can’t predict how you’ll react to the trauma of a stressful event like a car wreck. Some victims experience shock or denial; post-accident shock symptoms could consist of rapid heartbeat, flashbacks, and changes to sleep or exhaustion. When someone responds in a way that produces an adrenaline rush or a state of shock, this may help to mask a considerable amount of pain that the body would use to indicate serious injuries. If this pain is not readily felt during this time, an accident victim could erroneously mistake their injuries. Not realizing this could result in a significant difference in the costs of your medical expenses.   

2. Many accident victims don’t correctly factor in the emotional pain and suffering they suffer:

Many of the injured fail to adequately contemplate the emotional problems that they endure, which can be very difficult to overcome.  When it comes to any accident, including a vehicle collision, there are different responses from different victims. For some involved in crashes, the stress and trauma can result in delayed emotional shock that can impact victims for days, weeks, or even months after. This can include unpredictable emotions, such as feelings of shame or guilt or negative thoughts. Conditions, such as PTSD may also occur.   

3. Serious injuries can take time to show serious symptoms:

While most vehicle accident injuries are present immediately, some may take longer to manifest. A life-threatening injury can worsen for weeks before the individual even realizes that the issue stems from the car accident. For instance, internal organ injuries don’t show symptoms right away. Something like whiplash can take days to develop, and an injury that is perceived to be a minor one could become infected, leading to something serious like organ failure that takes a few weeks to manifest. 

4. Some types of serious injuries lead to major secondary health concerns that require ongoing care:

Depending on the severity of the injury, long term care could be a possibility. For instance, burn injuries may require follow up surgeries, and physical and occupational therapy. Or a brain injury may take months to heal or may even be permanent. This is why it’s critical to seek out a medical opinion on your future care requirements to help determine what your medical and care expenses may be going forward.

Get Help from an Experienced NY Car Accident Attorney

It’s easy to see why you can’t rush into any settlement offer, considering the reasons people undervalue their case. Don’t go at it alone. It’s best to get help from an experienced car accident attorney. Get started by talking to one of our savvy MOWK Law lawyers who understands the value of your case and will work hard to ensure that you’re fairly compensated for your injuries. Contact us right away.