Should you Consider a Plea Deal?

Should you Consider a Plea Deal?

Plea deals are an advantage to prosecutors because it saves time, energy, and resources needed to go to trial, but there are also some reasons why a defendant might consider a plea deal. 

Sometimes people think that a defendant should only accept a plea bargain if they are indeed guilty. However, the process is more complicated than that. Although there are times when you want to mount a solid defense, there are times, even if a defendant believes that they didn’t commit the crime that they’re charged with, they may want to consider a deal that’s been offered by the prosecution. 

Reduced Charges

For defendants, facing reduced charges can be viewed as one of the best advantages that comes from accepting a plea deal. This can be especially attractive if the original charge carries significant incarceration and costly fines. Typically, a reduced charge equals a lighter sentence and possibly no jail time. A misdemeanor conviction probably won’t be as detrimental to your career as a felony conviction would. Additionally, a plea deal can also help you avoid controversial charges like DUI or rape. 

An experienced defense attorney might be able to negotiate a deal with the prosecution that lets you lower a felony charge to a misdemeanor or possibly get some charges dropped completely. 

Avoiding a Jury Trial

With the long delays in the criminal justice system, you could be waiting on a case that could go on for months. By accepting a plea deal, you can save time, money, and stress and can avoid the uncertainty of putting your future in the hands of a jury. You could also avoid the publicity of a trial if that’s a concern. Because you could end up with an outcome that is far worse than what a prosecutor offers you, it might be something to consider.  

Additional Reasons

  • Getting out of custody earlier: While some defendants may be able to get out of custody by posting bail, some can’t; getting out of custody earlier could be a reason for pleas. 
  • Avoiding deportation: for noncitizens who want to remain in the country.
  • Saving money on attorney fees: defendants with private attorneys can save on attorneys’ fees with a plea bargain since it requires less time and energy.
  • Keeping more privacy: if you don’t want the attention of a public trial.  

Talk to a Defense Attorney about Plea Bargains

Each case is unique. Act in your best interest and obtain legal insight from an experienced criminal defense attorney who can explain your rights. With this insight, you can better understand your situation and decide the best course of action for you. Contact a MOWK Law attorney today to weigh your options.