Expert Witnesses in New York Personal Injury Cases

In a New York personal injury lawsuit, like any other court case, the attorney must use various means and techniques to prove the case. One way to help bolster a case is the use of expert witnesses. The role of the expert witness is an important one that can add creditability to the case. The law provides for certain qualifications for the expert witness, such as them actively practicing in the profession that is relevant to the case and possessing specialized knowledge through experience, education, or training that a lay person doesn’t have.

What is the Purpose of an Expert Witness?

An expert witness supplies critical testimony of evidence that can show proof of evidence that is presented to the judge or the jury. They validate whether specific evidence is relevant where that evidence might be in doubt. Additionally, expert witnesses can help to explain subject matters and topics that may be difficult for a jury to comprehend. For instance, a scientist can present impartial technical or scientific testimony to the jury to help them arrive at a decision. 

The Difference Between an Expert Witness and a Lay Witness

An expert witness has knowledge about a certain topic; they are an expert. In contrast, a lay witness is any witness who gives testimony, but doesn’t qualify as an expert. Lay witnesses give important testimony, but they can’t testify on subject matters that require specialized knowledge or technical or scientific information that goes beyond what can reasonably assumed as “common knowledge.”  

Examples of the Use of Expert Witnesses

Personal injury lawsuits can be complicated due to a convoluted fact pattern, conflicting evidence, and other variables. The use of an expert witness can help to clear up some confusion and to offer clarification and authority on certain matters. Here are a few examples of how expert witnesses are used in personal injury lawsuits:

  • Vehicle accident cases: Mechanics can provide testimony explaining the causes and effects of motor vehicle accidents and technical automotive details. 
  • Construction accident cases: These experts can testify about what is considered adequate safety procedures and the proper use of safety equipment. 
  • Medical malpractice cases: Medical experts, like physicians can testify regarding standards of care, and can explain and examine medical evidence that can indicate that the plaintiff’s claims are correct.  

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When it comes down to it, using an expert witness is one of many techniques that an experienced personal injury lawyer can use to advance your case. That’s why it’s in your best interests to consider speaking to someone like a skilled MOWK law personal injury attorney who can determine whether expert witnesses are appropriate for your specific circumstances. Contact us to get started.